Samsung Russia presented «Galaxy Upcycling — The New Life of an Old Smartphone» video course

Samsung Electronics Russia has published the video course «Galaxy Upcycling — the new life of an old smartphone,» which explains the ways to turn an old smartphone into a new device. The lectures of the course are presented on the YouTube channel of Samsung IT School.

The concept of Upcycling, which has gained wide popularity in the world, is aimed at using old things in a new quality. Upcycling is based on the idea of conscious, responsible consumption in the model of a closed cycle economy.

The course «Galaxy Upcycling — The New Life of an Old Smartphone» consists of nine episodes. The first four videos introduce viewers to the concept of Upcycing, the problem of electronics recycling in the modern world, and describe the course objectives and what the next series are about. Five practice-oriented tutorials show how to turn an Android smartphone into a microscope, video projector, clock, light garland with special effects or a device for displaying 3D holograms.

To make the gadgets presented in the lessons, no special knowledge is required — the video course is suitable for anyone who loves making things with their own hands and tries to lead a conscious and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

The Galaxy Upcycling video course is part of Samsung’s new Together for Tomorrow development concept, which is designed to empower everyone to change the world for the better and encourage companies to work together to solve pressing environmental issues. The course is also part of Samsung Innovation Campus, a global social and educational program launched as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility initiative, Enabling People.

In December 2021-January 2022 Samsung also held jointly with the project «Academy of Successful Generation» of Russian Ministry of Education Academy a contest named «EcoLogic competition 7Ya» for schoolchildren of 5-6 grades, dedicated to the concept of Upcycling — the first project of the company, aimed at such a young audience. Participants had to study the video course together with their parents and offer their ideas for recycling old smartphones. 20 works were selected for the final of the contest, the results will be announced on February 1.

«In Russia, in addition to Galaxy Upcycling, Samsung Innovation Campus is represented by two projects: «Samsung IT School» and «Samsung IT Academy», which help schoolchildren and students get relevant knowledge in the technical fields that are in demand today, including mobile development, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Galaxy Upcycling successfully adds to other educational projects, providing knowledge and inspiring the young generation to cherish our planet and its resources,» said Sergey Pevnev, Director of Corporate Projects and Government Relations at Samsung Electronics CIS Headquarters.

In 2021, the Samsung Innovation Campus program won the «Education and Human Resources» nomination of the Runet Prize 2021 and won first place in the «Leaders of the Future» nomination of the All-Russian contest of best practices in the socio-humanitarian sphere «Creating the Future».

The Galaxy Upcycling video course was prepared by the specialists of the Samsung R&D Institute Russia (SRR), opened in Moscow in 1993. Today the Center employs over 300 highly qualified experts. SRR develops advanced technologies for Samsung devices, offers internship programs, and its specialists participate in the development of training courses for schoolchildren and students.