The best IoT projects were presented by graduates of «Samsung IT Academy»

Samsung Electronics held the finale of the Internet of Things project competition at MIREA – Russian University of Technology. The program’s key event of the year was attended by graduates of the 2018-2019 academic year from 7 leading universities in Russia.

At the event, graduates of the «Samsung IT Academy» Internet of Things course (formerly called «Samsung IoT Academy») demonstrated 12 projects in two categories: «Research» and «Business and Society.» The projects were evaluated according to several criteria: idea, technical implementation and presentation. The evaluation of the technical implementation was based on software (program development, programming style, graphical interface) and engineering component (prototype development, engineering culture of execution, design). Ideas were evaluated in terms of novelty and originality, practical applicability, as well as the depth of business studies and scientific value. The jury also took into account the level of presentation of the project, in particular, the logic and literacy of the presentation, and the quality of the illustrative material. Prototypes of the students’ IoT devices were presented in the demo zone, where new experience could be achieved both by participants and guests of the event.

Alumni’s projects are aimed at practical application: the students have developed automated systems in the field of urbanism, industrial automation, industrial Internet of Things, presented games and research projects. Among this year’s student works there are some partnered projects – when external organizations, interested in student projects, supported young «Samsung IT Academy» developers in collaboration with Samsung Electronics.

Winners in the main categories were determined by employees of Samsung Electronics and Samsung R&D Institute Russia, representatives of educational structures and leading technical companies. This year’s Jury Board of the “Samsung IT Academy” alumni competition was chaired by Stanislav Polonsky, head of the department of advanced research and development of Samsung R&D Institute Russia The event was also attended by guests from MTS and Sibintek, as well as representatives of business and the general public.

Best in the category «Research» was the project » Control system of products’ freshness in the refrigerator» by student Volkov Maxim from MIREA-RTU.

The winner of the Business and Society category was Dmitry Karmanov from MIPT DAFE with the “REMAC — Remote Access Controller project”.

The Audience Choice Award was given to student Karaush Alexander from the NSTU with the project “Competitive Game with Physical Activity”.

The Grand Prix was awarded to Kuznetsov Sergey from the SUSU with the project “Control of the pipeline insulation conditions”.

This year has seen a newly established special award – “Best Teacher of Samsung IT Academy”. It was received by a teacher from the SUSU, Evgeniy Alexandrovitch Kanashev.

“Practical training for the Industry 4.0 is one of the key areas of IT education, which is why projects like “Samsung IT School” and “Samsung IT Academy” pay special attention to the development of practical skills of students. We are pleased to see the success of our graduates, who, thanks to their knowledge, were able to create working prototypes of their own unique solutions in the dynamic field of the Internet of Things. We wish the winners of the competition and all students of the «IT Academy» a successful continuation of their studies and professional activities!» commented Sergey Pevnev, Director of Corporate Projects at Samsung Electronics headquarters in the CIS countries.

«Today, the opportunity to get practical experience is really expensive. We meet students from the leading universities of our country and summarize their studies on the course of the «Samsung IT Academy» educational project. We interact with Samsung not only at the level of education for students, but also for schoolchildren. Recently, the «Samsung IT School» was opened on the basis of the RTU-MIREA Technopark for schoolchildren, also featuring electronic equipment of the industrial partner – Samsung», commented Nikolai Prokopov, first vice-rector of MIREA, professor at the department of Chemistry and high-molecular compounds technology of the Institute of Fine Chemical Technologies, Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences, Professor.

«I would like to note first of all that this year the finalists of Samsung IT Academy are showing a fantastic progress compared to last year. This year’s members of the jury quickly decided on their choices, and made a well-thought collegial decision. I would like to wish our students to continue to focus on the engineering aspects of product development alongside with the development of its business model,» said the Head of Advanced Research and Development Team at Samsung R&D Institute Russia, Stanislav Polonsky.

«I am very grateful to Samsung for the opportunity to participate in this event. The students’ projects are very interesting, very multi-directional. I would also like to wish students to evaluate their project from the consumer’s point of view and implement the idea, first of all, in his interests,» commented Igor Yezhkov, head of the MTS Digital Transformation team.

Samsung IT Academy is a long-term free social education program by Samsung Electronics. The project was launched in 2017. The «Samsung IT Academy» educational course aims to train high-quality specialists in the most demanded areas of IT. Classes under the «Samsung IT Academy» program are held in 10 partner universities in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Kazan and Yakutsk. The unique courses of the «Samsung IT Academy» program were developed by Samsung Research Russia: Samsung R&D Institute Russia and Samsung Artificial Intelligence Center in Moscow.