Samsung IT School Launched the Podcast

Students and their parents will learn more about becoming a developer first-hand.

The Samsung IT School educational project presented a series of video podcasts. Their participants are project graduates of different years. The episodes are released on the Samsung IT School YouTube channel in the Podcast section.

Podcast episode 1. How to become a developer in a top IT company while studying at the university

The podcasts tell about the winners of international competitions for young developers and the issues of preparation for entering the IT School.

The podcast was launched to help future students and their parents learn more about the program and classes at Samsung IT School, about the potential opportunities and career features in the mobile development and the IT industry, about the necessary knowledge and skills.

“More than four thousand students have already become graduates of the Samsung IT School in Russia. Many of them develop their startups and work in leading IT companies. We hope that the success stories of these young people will inspire today’s students to pursue a prestigious and exciting profession. And if they want to become mobile application developers, then enrolling in the Samsung IT School is the best way,” commented Sergey Pevnev, Director of Corporate Projects at Samsung Electronics CIS Headquarters.

The Samsung IT School is focused on obtaining knowledge and practical skills in programming by students of grades 9-10 who have inclinations of algorithmic thinking, are interested in IT technologies, and know well the school course of computer science and mathematics. Students of the “Samsung IT School” study the development of mobile applications in Java for Android. Students chose their future profession and realize themselves in information technology, which is a key direction in the development of the country’s economy.

Podcast episode 3. How a girl can start working in IT

Every year, more than 1,500 high school students receive free education as part of the federal socio-educational program Samsung IT School for the training of future IT specialists. The course is designed for one academic year (132 academic hours): 4 academic hours of group lessons with a teacher per week. Classes are held in the additional education format. All graduates’ projects participate in the annual federal competition of mobile applications «IT School chooses the strongest!». The graduate certificate and winner’s diploma of this competition give students additional points when admitting Russian universities.

The Samsung IT School educational program was twice awarded the national Runet Prize: as a separate project in the Science and Education nomination in 2016 and as part of the Samsung Innovation Campus global initiative in 2021. In November 2021, Samsung Innovation Campus was awarded 1st place in the «Leaders of the Future» nomination of the All-Russian contest of best practices in the social and humanitarian sphere «Creating the Future». In December 2021, the Samsung Innovation Campus became a laureate in the Education and Human Resources nomination of the Runet Prize 2021.