Samsung IT Academy Launches Course «Mobile Development with Kotlin»

Samsung Electronics Russia announces the expansion of Mobile Development courses available for partner universities of the social education project «Samsung IT Academy». The new course is devoted to the development of Android mobile applications with Kotlin programming language.

The goal of the new course in the «Mobile Development» educational track of the Samsung IT Academy project is to give students practical skills in developing applications for the Android platform using the increasingly popular Kotlin programming language. The course is an independent training product and was designed for one year of studying. It has already been piloted for students at four partner universities of the Samsung IT Academy: the Ufa State Oil Technical University, the Northern (Arctic) Federal University, the Irkutsk National Research Technical University and the Irkutsk State University. From September 2022 all universities participating in the project «Samsung IT Academy» will be able to launch a new course for their students.

The target audience of the «Mobile Development with Kotlin» course are senior students who already know at least one object-oriented programming language. This is the second course in the educational track «Mobile development» of Samsung IT Academy, the first course was built on the Java language.

The electronic book for the course «Mobile Development in Kotlin» was developed by Samsung R&D Institute Russia (SRR) together with Samsung IT Academy teachers. The textbook consists of 6 modules, each of which ends with a control test:

  1. Basics of Kotlin language
  2. Basics of Android application development
  3. Basics of UI development
  4. Executing tasks in the background
  5. Data Storage
  6. Network interaction

A distinctive feature of the course is its practical orientation and automated testing of acquired knowledge and skills: the e-book contains more than 400 theoretical questions and 20 programming tasks with automatic code checking. To implement such a non-trivial tool in the learning management system, an additional software solution was developed by SRR. The tool allows you to test not only the internal logic of the application, but also the implementation of its interface and, moreover, to run it on a real mobile device.

«The Kotlin programming language was recommended by Google for developing Android apps less than three years ago. Therefore, there are very few Russian-language training courses on mobile development with Kotlin. This makes the new Samsung IT Academy course unique, both in terms of the subject and the volume and format of learning materials. This year the Samsung IT Academy is five years old and we are proud that the project is rapidly developing and expanding, constantly offering Russian universities content that meets demands of the IT industry,» said Roman Ainbound, Head of the Technology Management Team at SRR.

Samsung IT Academy is an educational project of Samsung Electronics provided in the frame of the Samsung Innovation Campus global initiative. The project aimed at the development of the Digital Economy in Russia. The main task of the project is to give university students the opportunity to obtain practical knowledges in the most popular spheres of Information Technology. The IT Academy program includes educational tracks (courses) on the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Mobile Development. The courses are developed by Samsung Research Russia specialists: the Samsung Research Center and the Samsung AI Center — Moscow. In December 2021, the Samsung Innovation Campus program won Runet 2021 Prize National Award in the «Education and Human Resources» category.